Principles, working methods and draft themes of the Bulgarian group

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

The ‘History in Action Club’ is set up in the framework of the project ‘Ignoring the past is condemning the future’ with the main aim to explore and present in a youth-friendly way facts and events, connected to the victims of the World War Two in Bulgaria.

How to know if the club is appropriate for you?

–          If you have interest in history (even purely amateur!)

–          If you consider yourself young

–          If you support the principles of democracy and human rights

–          If you want to meet people like you

What do we offer in the club?

–          Opportunity for participation in a nice team;

–          Opportunity to play the role of a young explorer with fresh ideas;

–          Opportunity to share the work done with young people from other Balkan countries;

–          Certificate for participation in the club;

–          Opportunity to travel to Thessaloniki in the summer of 2011


  • Democracy, peace and human rights – the information could NOT be presented in a way that supports war, violation democratic practices or human right;
  • Political correctness – the events and the processes must be explored in a way which can NOT harm the contemporary relations between people and nations;
  • Reliability of the information – if applicable, the presented information must be verified through more than one source; sources MUST be named and quoted;
  • Reliability of the sources – if applicable, socially accepted sources of information must be used


Exemplary methods

  • Reviews, reports;
  • Personal stories, interviews;
  • Photography;
  • Videos;
  • Essays, reflections;
  • Pictures or collages (supported by short explanation)
  • Fictional piece of work – stories (based on historical events)


Draft of working themes to be explored:

1)       Exploring victims from the minorities:

  • Jews from the areas of Macedonia and Thrace
  • Jews from Old Bulgaria (regime of the Law for the protection of the nation)
  • Other minorities – Armenians, Turks, Roma

2)       Stories of particular places (buildings, streets, monuments, museums)

3)       Air-raid bombing of Sofia, Plovdiv, Kjustendil, Vidin

4)       Memories for the German and Russian armies residing in Bulgaria

5)       Human rights in times of war – death “penalty” without court;

6)       Bombing Sofia zoo;

7)       Bulgarians in the German concentration camps


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